Ontario Bass Fishing

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques

Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks

Bruiser Bass on Soft Plastic Jerks
Spinnerbaits, worms, jigs or crankbaits? When it comes to bass fishing, the angler has a wide range of baits to choose from, oftentimes too many.

Crank Up That Next Smallie
Crankbaits have a universal appeal when it comes to luring in smallmouth bass.

Flippin’ & Pitchin’ Strategies for Untapped Bass
To the novice angler, bass fishing can be a very complex, and intimidating game.

Football Season is already underway
Soon, the grassy fields will be clipped to precision and white lines painted in.

How to Find Largemouth Bass on a New Lake
Occasionally your buddy and you decide to fish a new small body of water out of your home area.

Knock on Docks for Brusier Bass
Finding bass on any given lake can often be a challenging task.

Large Mouth Bass on Plastic Baits
Bass Habitat – A few good places to look for bass include weed beds gravel shoals with cover, drop-offs near the shoreline, and of course, under piers or docks.

Largemouth Bass Biology
IN 1802, Lacpede, the French ichthyologist, was the first to describe the largemouth bass, from a drawin and description sent to him by M. Bosc of South Carolina.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tactics
Spring (Start of Season) – Once the bass season finally opens up, fish can be found relatively easy in a number of typical areas of the lake.

Largemouth By The Light Of The Moon
Working the nightshift in search of big bucket mouths can be a profitable and exciting endeavour for those anglers looking for a new twist in the bassin’ game.

Scoring BIG on Summertime Smallies
While spring makes way into summer, a certain anxiousness is felt throughout the angling community.

Seven Tricks for Improving Your Bassin’ Results
Bass fishing is a game of highs and lows.

Smallmouth Bass – Recipe for Great Fishing
Take an ultralight rod and reel.

Smallmouth Bass Biology
IN 1802, the French ichthyologist, Lacepede, examined a fish, which was sent to Paris from an unknown source in America, and named it Microplerus dolomieu.

Smallmouth Bass Fishing
Spring (Start of Season) – Smallmouth bass love rock and spend more than ninety percent of their time on this hard structure.

Spicing Up for Autumn Appetites
2002-2003 Northland Tackle Series – The next best venue is an established outside weedline, but only one that materializes off a large weed flat.

Take a Topwater Approach to Aerial Smallmouth
When it comes to pulse-racing, adrenaline-inducing fishing, nothing can compare to doing battle with a feisty “bronzeback” on a topwater plug.

The Basic Lures for Lunker Largemouth
For those anglers that have caught a severe case of the “bassin’ bug,” deciding on what lures and baits to choose can be a complicated and difficult decision.

Timely Tactics for ‘Negative-Mood’ Largemouth
Nothing can frustrate an angler more than targeting largemouth bass that are in a definite finicky mode.

Toss the Versatile ‘Flipping Jig’ for More and Bigger Bass
The flipping jig, or jig-and-pig as it is commonly called, is one of the simplest looking baits on the market that routinely accounts for huge stringers of bass year after year.

Tube Bait Tactics for Tough Smallies
Most anglers across North America would agree – smallmouth can sometimes be darn finicky.

Twitching Your Way to a Bass Bonanza
Cast. Twitch, twitch, twitch….pause. Fish on!

Vertical Jigging for Suspended Smallies
Retrieving baits and lures in a horizontal fashion is one of the most commonly utilized and effective techniques in fishing today.

Work The Flats for Wandering Largemouth
Flat fishing for largemouth bass can produce predictable and exciting action for anglers searching for fruitful days on the water.