Ontario Bass Fishing

Largemouth & Smallmouth Bass Fishing Techniques

Largemouth Bass Fishing Tactics

Spring (Start of Season)
Once the bass season finally opens up, fish can be found relatively easy in a number of typical areas of the lake. Look for shallow, weedy back bays that the largemouth use to spawn in. These areas will hold most of the post-spawn fish well into the start of the season. If the bays contain a variety of weeds and pad beds, coupled with some wood, you just may have hit pay dirt. Early season baits that shine at this time of year are spinner baits, buzz baits, floating worms and texas-rigged plastic worms and lizards. Start the day off tight to shore for aggressive fish that will be roaming and fish tighter to cover as the day progresses.

Hot days and big bass go hand in hand in Ontario, and searching out shade will be your number one priority. Old wooden docks, moored boats, undercut banks and lily pads hold enormous amounts of largemouth during the “dog days” of summer. Flipping a plastic worm or craw, or a “jig and pig” into these largemouth lairs will lead to big bucketmouths willing to play tug of war on your line. Keep in mind the incredible topwater bite that can be experience at dawn and dusk throughout the summer months. Finding a shallow, weedy flat and casting a Pop-R or a Zara Spook will bring guaranteed results.

As the leaves change colour and the days get colder, the largemouth bass does an about turn and heads deeper in preparation of the coming cold winter. Begin your search by looking for water with a mixture of weed and rock in a depth between five and 15-feet deep. Largemouth love rock in the fall for the heat it attracts, while the green weed offers baitfish and necessary oxygen. Crankbaits, spinnerbaits and worms all work well during this transition zone, however, most top professionals will rely on a flipping jig with a pork chunk to entice these somewhat negative fish. Working your bait slow and methodically will help in attracting fish and making them bite.